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South Louisiana Surnames

So, you’ve become thoroughly confused because your neighbor spells his name Roger Roger; but pronounces it Roger Rojay. And the guy down the street, Richard Richard, is really Richard Reeshard.

There are a few tongue-tangling surnames for a newcomer to south Louisiana. Here is a list of some of the most common of South Louisiana names that may give trouble to a newcomer, along with a guide to their usual pronunciation.

ANGELLE (An jell)   GAUTHIER (Go chee ya)   PATIN (Pa tan)
ARCENEAUX (Are se no)   GAUTREAUX (Go trow)   PELLERIN (Pel er ran)
ARDOIN (Ard whan)   GUIDRY (Gid ree)   PICARD (Pea card)
AUCOIN (Oak whan)   GUILBEAUX (Gill bow)   PITRE (Pete)
BABIN (Bah ban)   GUILLIOT (Ghi yacht)   POCHE (Poh shay)
BABINEAUX (Bah bin no)   HEBERT (Eh bear)   PREJEAN (Pray john)
BATISTE (Bah teest)   ISTRE (East)   PRUDHOMME (Prude ohm)
BILLEAUD (Bee yo)   LAGNEAUX (Lan yo)   REAUX (Ray oh)
BOUDREAUX (Boo dro)   LANGLINAIS (Long luh nay)   RICHARD (Ree shard)
BOUILLION (Boo yawn)   LATIOLAIS (Latch o lay)   ROBICHEAUX (Ro bee show)
BOURGEOIS (Bourj wah)   LeBLANC (Luh blaw)   ROBIN (Row ban)
BOURQUE (Bourk)   LeBLEU (Luh blue)   ROGER (Row jay)
BRASSEAUX (Brass sew)   LeBOEUF (Luh buff)   SIBILLE (Suh beel)
BREAUX (Bro)   LeDOUX (Luh doo)   SIMON (See mown)
BROUSSARD (Brew sard)   LEGER (Lay jay)   SITTIG (Suh teeg)
CHAISSON (Sha sawn)   LEJEUNE (Luh jern)   SOILEAU (Swallow)
COMEAUX (Como)   LOUVIERE (Loo vee yay)   SONNIER (Sawn nee yay)
DAIGLE (Day gull)   MARAIST (Mah ray)   SUIRE (Sweer)
DAIGRE (Daig)   MEAUX (Moe)   THERIOT (Ter ree oh)
DELCAMBRE (Del come)   MECHE (Mesh)   THIBODEAUX (Tib o dough)
DEROUEN (Der wen)   MELANCON (Mel awn sawn)   TOUCHET (Two shet)
DOMENGEAU (Dome ange oh)   MENARD (May nard)   TRAHAN (Trah hawn)
DOMINGUE (Doh mang)   MESTAYER (Met tay yea)      
DUGAS (Dew gah)   MIGUES (Me gues)   VEILLON (Vay yawn)
DUHON (Dew hawn or Doo yawn)   MIRE (Meer)   VEROT (Ver oh)
DUPRE (Dew pray)   MOUTON (Moo tawn)   VIATOR (Vee a tore)
FONTENOT (Font no)   OLIVIER (Oh leave ee yay)   VIDRINE (Vee dreen)
GAUDET (Go day)   OUBRE (Oub)   VINCENT (Vah sont)