Chapter 1509 Division of Mineral Resources Management - Oil and Gas
   1509.01 Definitions
   1509.02 Division of mineral resources management created; chief; oil and gas well fund
   1509.03 Rules; orders; notices; entry upon lands
   1509.04 Enforcement; injunction against violation
   1509.05 Permit to drill, reopen, convert or plug back well
   1509.051 Renumbered
   1509.06 Application for permit; immediate suspension order; hearing; appeal
   1509.061 Permittee may request revision of existing tract
   1509.07 Liability insurance required; surety bond or substitute
   1509.071 Forfeiture of bond; oil and gas well fund; proceedings for forfeiture of appurtenant equipment to state; landowner may apply to plug well; transfer of ownership
   1509.072 Well owner's duty to restore disturbed land surface; waiver; extension
   1509.08 Issuance of permit; procedure when well is in coal bearing township; restrictions near mines
   1509.081 Renumbered
   1509.09 Changing location of well
   1509.10 Well log to be filed; contents
   1509.11 Statement of production
   1509.12 Defective casing or tubing; when plugging required; county plugging fund
   1509.13 Permit to plug and abandon
   1509.14 Report of abandonment of well
   1509.15 Methods of plugging
   1509.151 Plugging at expense of operator
   1509.16 Repealed
   1509.17 Well to be encased; withdrawal of casing
   1509.18 Methods of drilling within limits of mining operation
   1509.19 Repealed
   1509.20 Waste of oil or gas to be prevented; flaring of gas
   1509.21 Secondary or additional recovery operations; permit
   1509.22 Contamination of water prohibited; storage and disposal of brine, duty to water user
   1509.221 Permit to drill well or inject substance into well for exploration for or extraction of minerals or energy
   1509.222 Registration certificate to transport brine by vehicle
   1509.223 Agreement to transport brine; duties of transporter; registration list
   1509.224 Pattern of negligent or willful violations; preliminary orders
   1509.225 Applicant for certificate to give surety bond or substitute; forfeiture
   1509.226 Surface application of brine to roadway and similar surfaces
   1509.23 Rules to protect health, safety, and natural resources; electronic database pertinent to emergencies
   1509.24 Setting of minimum acreage for drilling units and minimum distance requirements
   1509.25 Special drilling unit requirements for a particular pool
   1509.26 Voluntary pooling to form drilling unit
   1509.27 Mandatory pooling orders
   1509.28 Order for operation of entire pool as drilling unit; application; approval by owners; cost sharing
   1509.29 Exception tracts
   1509.30 Reports to royalty holders; records to be preserved two years
   1509.31 Assignment or transfer of entire interest in oil and gas lease
   1509.32 Written complaint of violation; investigation; procedure to secure compliance
   1509.33 Civil penalty and liability for violation; action brought by attorney general
   1509.35 Oil and gas commission
   1509.36 Appeal to commission
   1509.37 Appeal to court
   1509.38 Technical advisory council
   1509.39 Repealed
   1509.40 Limitation on production
   1509.41 Anti-trust violations
   1509.99 Penalties


Chapter 1501:9 - Division of Oil and Gas
   1501:9-1 Oil Well Drilling
   1501:9-1-01 General provisions
   1501:9-1-02 Permits
   1501:9-1-03 Surety Bond
   1501:9-1-04 Spacing of wells
   1501:9-1-05 Safety
   1501:9-1-06 Severability
   1501:9-1-07 Prevention of contamination and pollution

Chapter 1501:9-3 Saltwater Operation
   1501:9-3-01 Definitions
   1501:9-3-02 Exceptions
   1501:9-3-04 Prevention of contamination and pollution
   1501:9-3-05 Construction of and conversion to saltwater injection wells
   1501:9-3-06 Permit
   1501:9-3-07 Operating, monitoring and reporting of saltwater injection wells
   1501:9-3-08 Temporary storage of saltwater and oil field waste
   1501:9-3-09 Safety
   1501:9-3-10 Severability
   1501:9-3-11 Annular disposal
   1501:9-3-12 Injection approval required
   1501:9-3-13 Property rights unaffected

Chapter 1501:9-5 - Enhanced Recovery Projects
   1501:9-5-01 Definitions
   1501:9-5-02 Exceptions
   1501:9-5-03 Forms
   1501:9-5-04 Project approval required
   1501:9-5-05 Permit
   1501:9-5-06 Prevention of contamination and pollution
   1501:9-5-07 Safety
   1501:9-5-08 Severability
   1501:9-5-09 Construction of and conversion to enhanced recovery input wells
   1501:9-5-10 Operation, monitoring and reporting of enhanced recovery projects
   1501:9-5-11 Property rights unaffected

Chapter 1501:9-7 Solution Mining Projects
   1501:9-7-01 Definitions
   1501:9-7-02 Applicability
   1501:9-7-03 Prohibition of unauthorized injection
   1501:9-7-04 Prevention of contamination and pollution
   1501:9-7-05 Authorization by rule
   1501:9-7-06 Identification of underground sources of drinking water and exempted aquifers
   1501:9-7-07 Permit
   1501:9-7-08 Construction of solution mining projects
   1501:9-7-09 Operation, monitoring, reporting, and recordkeeping of solution mining projects
   1501:9-7-10 Mechanical integrity
   1501:9-7-11 Plugging and abandonment
   1501:9-7-12 Safety
   1501:9-7-13 Severability
   1501:9-7-14 Property rights unaffected

Chapter 1501:9-9 Safety Regulations
   1501:9-9-01 Definitions. [RESCINDED]
   1501:9-9-02 General
   1501:9-9-03 Drilling and deepening operations
   1501:9-9-04 Workover, reconditioning, plugging back, completion, and plugging operations
   1501:9-9-05 Producing operations
   1501:9-9-06 Exceptions
   1501:9-9-07 Severability

Chapter 1501:9-10 Pipelines
   1501:9-10-01 Definitions
   1501:9-10-02 General
   1501:9-10-03 Identification and location of pipelines
   1501:9-10-04 Strength of pipelines
   1501:9-10-05 Burial of pipelines
   1501:9-10-06 Exceptions

Chapter 1501:9-11 Plugging of Wells
   1501:9-11-01 Definitions
   1501:9-11-02 Permit to plug
   1501:9-11-03 Objective and methods
   1501:9-11-04 Notification and supervision
   1501:9-11-05 Commencement
   1501:9-11-06 Pulling of conductor pipe and surface casing
   1501:9-11-07 Materials
   1501:9-11-08 Plugging with cement
   1501:9-11-09 Plugging with prepared clay
   1501:9-11-10 Cutting off conductor pipe or surface casing below grade; identification tag
   1501:9-11-11 Plugging rat hole and mouse hole
   1501:9-11-12 Plugging Rule
   1501:9-11-13 Conversion to water well