Chapter 55 - Oil And Gas

Article 12 Underground Storage Of Natural Gas

55-1205 Eminent domain procedure

Any natural gas public utility, having first obtained a certificate from the commission as hereinbefore provided, desiring to exercise the right of eminent domain for the purpose of acquiring property for the underground storage of natural gas shall do so in the manner provided in K.S.A. 26-501 to 26-516, inclusive. The petitioner shall file the certificate of the commission as a part of its petition and no order by the court granting said petition shall be entered without such certificate being filed therewith. The appraisers in awarding damages hereunder shall also take into consideration the amounts of recoverable oil and native gas remaining in the property sought to be appropriated and for such purposes shall receive as prima facie evidence of such amounts the findings of the commission with reference thereto.

History: L. 1951, ch. 268, 5; L. 1963, ch. 234, 79; Jan. 1, 1964.