Chapter 55 - Oil And Gas

Article 13 Unitization

55-1303 Requisites of application; hearings

Any working interest owner may file an application with the commission requesting an order for the unit operation of a pool or part thereof. The application shall contain: (a) A description of the land and pool or part thereof to be so operated, termed the unit area;

(b) a statement of the type of operations contemplated for the unit area;

(c) a copy of a proposed plan of unitization which the applicant considers fair, reasonable and equitable;

(d) a copy of a proposed operating plan covering the manner in which the unit will be supervised and managed and costs allocated and paid;

(e) an allegation of the facts required to be found by the commission under K.S.A. 55-1304 and amendments thereto.

Upon filing of an application for an order providing for the unit operation of a pool or part thereof, the commission shall conduct a hearing in accordance with the provisions of the Kansas administrative procedure act.

History: L. 1967, ch. 299, 3; L. 1988, ch. 356, 174; July 1, 1989.