Chapter 55 - Oil And Gas

Article 14 Pricing Of Natural Gas

55-1411 Price limitations to terminate December 31, 1984; reports by commission; end-use allocation by commission, when

All price limitations as defined in this act shall terminate not later than December 31, 1984. The commission shall monitor and report to the legislature at the commencement of each regular session in each year this act remains in operation, the effect of this act upon the availability of natural gas in this state. In any case where the commission finds that natural gas subject to this act has been or is being diverted to the interstate market, it shall require that the quantity of natural gas which is the object of any other sale of natural gas subject to this act for use as boiler fuel to generate electricity, except for the use thereof for such purpose by municipal utilities and rural electric cooperatives, be reduced in an amount equal to the natural gas so diverted, and that such amount of natural gas be allocated for other uses.

History: L. 1979, ch. 171, 11; May 29.