Chapter 55 - Oil And Gas

Article 16 Miscellaneous Provisions

55-1603 Same; use of mineral interest defined

(a) A mineral interest shall be considered to be used when:

(1) There are any minerals produced under the interest;

(2) operations are being conducted on the interest for injection, withdrawal, storage or disposal of water, gas or other fluid substances;

(3) rentals or royalties are being paid by the owner of the interest for the purpose of delaying or enjoying the use or exercise of the mineral rights;

(4) the use or exercise of the mineral rights is being carried out on a tract with which the mineral interest may be unitized or pooled for production purposes;

(5) in the case of coal or other solid minerals, there is production from a common vein or seam by the owners of the mineral interests; or

(6) taxes are paid on the mineral interest by its owner.

(b) Any use pursuant to or authorized by the instrument creating the mineral interest shall be effective to continue in force all rights granted by the instrument.

History: L. 1983, ch. 185, 3; July 1.