Chapter 55 - Oil And Gas

Article 1 Oil And Gas Wells; Regulatory Provisions

55-194 Annual report

(a) The commission shall prepare an annual report containing the following information regarding each contamination site:

(1) A description and evaluation of the site, including surface and subsurface contamination;

(2) the immediacy of the threat to public health or the environment from pollution from the site, including any contamination of drinking water or groundwater;

(3) the level of surface and subsurface remediation recommended;

(4) any unusual problems associated with investigation or remediation of pollution from the site;

(5) an estimate of the cost to achieve the recommended level of remediation or, if no estimate is possible, an estimate of the cost to conduct an investigation sufficient to determine the cost of remediation;

(6) any funds available to pay the costs of remediation;

(7) with regard to remediation of pollution from the site performed during the preceding fiscal year: (A) The nature of such remediation; (B) the total amount expended for such remediation; and (C) the amount expended for administrative expenses of the commission and compensation and other expenses of employing personnel to carry out the duties of the commission; and

(8) total expenditures in preceding fiscal years for remediation at the site.

(b) The commission shall prepare an annual report containing the following information regarding abandoned wells and their well sites:

(1) Documentation of the number of unplugged abandoned wells in the state; and

(2) a multiyear plan for dealing with unplugged abandoned wells that categorizes wells according to the risk posed to public health and the environment, sets forth a schedule for plugging wells posing the most serious risks and addresses funding of the plan.

(c) The commission shall submit the reports provided for by this section to the governor and the chairperson and ranking minority member of the committees on energy and natural resources of the senate and the house of representatives, on or before the first day of the regular legislative session each year.

History: L. 1996, ch. 263, 9; July 1.