Chapter 55 - Oil And Gas

Article 2 Leases And Liens

55-213 Same; extent of lien

Any person who transports or hauls oil-field equipment under express contract with the owner or operator of any gas or oil lease-hold interest in real property, or the owner or operator of any gas pipeline or oil pipeline or the owner of any oil-field equipment and material, or with the trustee, agent, or receiver of any such owner, shall have a lien upon interest of such owner in the oil-field equipment so transported and hauled. Said lien shall include, in addition to the charge for hauling or transporting, labor performed, or materials used and expended in the transporting, erecting, dismantling, loading and unloading of any oil-field machinery, equipment or supplies hauled or transported and shall be of equal standing with the contractor's lien provided by K.S.A. 55-207.

History: L. 1941, ch. 281, 2; L. 1945, ch. 231, 2; June 28.