Chapter 55 - Oil And Gas

Article 3 County Gas Inspector

55-302 Oath and bond

The gas inspector shall be required, before assuming the duties of office, to take and subscribe an oath or affirmation that he or she will faithfully, impartially and to the best of his or her skill and ability discharge his or her duties, which oath or affirmation shall be filed with the county clerk of the county for which the gas inspector is appointed, and within ten days after appointment the gas inspector shall file with said county clerk a good and sufficient bond to the people of the state of Kansas, with a resident surety or sureties to be approved by said county commissioners, in the sum of three thousand dollars, conditioned for the faithful performance of his or her duties.

History: L. 1905, ch. 313, 2; March 24; R.S. 1923, 55-302.