Chapter 55 - Oil And Gas

Article 5 Transportation And Sale Of Oils And Liquid Fuels

55-502 Receptacles; duty to receive and transport oil; certificate

It shall be the duty of every person, firm, association or corporation operating under such pipeline to provide suitable and necessary receptacles for receiving such oil for transportation and for storage at the place of delivery until the same can be reasonably removed by the consignee, and shall be liable therefor from the time the same is delivered for transportation until a reasonable time after the same has been transported to the place of consignment and ready for delivery to the consignee. It shall be the duty of every such person, firm, association or corporation to receive and forward such oil as shall be offered for shipment in the order of application therefor, upon the applicant's complying with the rules herein provided for as to delivery and payment for such transportation. Such common carrier shall issue to the shipper a certificate showing the actual quantity and specific gravity thereof; but no application for such transportation shall be valid beyond or for a greater quantity than the applicant has ready for delivery at the time of making such application.

History: L. 1905, ch. 315, 2; Feb. 28; R.S. 1923, 55-502.