Chapter 55 - Oil And Gas

Article 6 Crude Oil Or Petroleum; Production And Sale

55-609b Invalidity of 55-602 to 55-606

The term "waste" as used herein, in addition to its ordinary meaning, shall include economic waste, underground waste, surface waste, waste of reservoir energy, and the production of crude oil or petroleum in excess of transportation or marketing facilities or reasonable market demands. The state corporation commission shall have authority to make rules and regulations for the prevention of such waste and for the protection of all fresh-water strata, and oil- and gas-bearing strata encountered in any well drilled for, or producing, oil. "Person" as herein used shall mean any natural person, corporation, association, partnership, receiver, trustee, guardian, executor, administrator and a fiduciary of any kind.

History: L. 1931, ch. 226, 2; L. 1933, ch. 214, 1; L. 1939, ch. 227, 1; March 30.