Chapter 55 - Oil And Gas

Article 7 Production And Conservation Of Natural Gas

55-702 Definitions

The term "waste", in addition to its ordinary meaning, shall include economic waste, underground waste and surface waste. Economic waste shall mean the use of natural gas in any manner or process except for efficient light, fuel, carbon black manufacturing and repressuring, or for chemical or other processes by which such gas is efficiently converted into a solid or a liquid substance. The term waste shall not include the use or flaring of natural gas if permitted pursuant to an order issued or rule and regulation adopted under the provisions of subsection (b) of K.S.A. 55-102, and amendments thereto. The term "common source of supply" shall include that portion lying within this state of any gas reservoir lying partly within and partly without this state. The term "commission" shall mean the state corporation commission of the state of Kansas, its successors, or such other commission or board as may hereafter be vested with jurisdiction over the subject matter of this act.

History: L. 1935, ch. 213, 2; L. 1945, ch. 233, 2; L. 1983, ch. 183, 2; July 1.