Chapter 55 - Oil And Gas

Article 8 Interstate Compact To Conserve Oil And Gas

55-864 Same; substance of agreement executed by governor

The agreement to amend, extend and renew said interstate compact to conserve oil and gas, and which the governor of this state is hereby authorized and directed to execute for and in the name of the state of Kansas shall be in substance as follows:

"It is hereby agreed that effective September 1, 1975, the compact entitled 'an interstate compact to conserve oil and gas' executed within the city of Dallas, Texas, on the 16th day of February, 1935, and now on deposit with the department of state of the United States, be and the same is hereby amended by amending the first paragraph of article VIII thereof to read as follows:

'This compact shall continue in effect until congress withdraws its consent. But any state joining herein may, upon sixty (60) days' notice, withdraw therefrom.'; and that said compact as so amended be, and the same is hereby renewed and extended. This agreement shall become effective when executed, ratified and approved as provided in article I of said compact as so amended."

History: L. 1975, ch. 286, 3; July 1.