Title 52 - Oil & Gas Code

§52-106. Notice on filing of motion or petition.

Upon the filing of any motion or petition for order or orders of enforcement, as provided in the preceding section of this act, the Secretary of the Commission, in the name of the Commission and by him as its Secretary, shall issue a notice to the defendant or defendants named in such motion or petition, which said notice shall be addressed to the defendant or defendants in said petition, and shall state, (a) the filing of such motion or petition; (b) the order or orders, rule or rules, regulation or regulations of the Commission, or the provisions of this act, violations of which are charged therein; (c) the common source of supply in or with respect to which such violation has occurred or is occurring; (d) the date on which said motion or petition is set for hearing, which shall be on such date as shall be provided by order, rule or regulation of the Commission, but shall not be earlier than ten (10) days from the date of the issuance of such notice; and (e) a copy of said motion or petition filed in said cause shall be attached to said notice, and if any temporary order of enforcement shall have been made by the Commission in said proceedings, reference to such order shall be contained in said notice and a copy thereof shall be attached to said notice, in order that service of the same upon the defendant or defendants may be made at the same time as the service of said notice.

Added by Laws 1933, c. 131, p. 290, § 23, emerg. eff. April 10, 1933.