Title 52 - Oil & Gas Code

§52-250. Natural gas - Pumping of water for irrigation - Preferred use.

From and after the effective date of this act, every person owning or operating any well from which natural gas is produced, sold or used off the premises on which such well is located shall make available, from the production of such well, to the person or persons engaged in agricultural activities upon such premises, if requested to do so, sufficient gas for the operation of pumps necessary for the pumping of such amount of water, produced from wells on such premises, as may be necessary and proper for the irrigation of such portion of said premises as may be devoted to the growth of agricultural products or to pasture or orchard uses. Such gas shall be made available for such use in preference to any other use. The person at whose request the gas is furnished shall pay therefor a reasonable price, not less than the price at which the gas is sold at the wellhead, and the use shall be upon such reasonable terms and conditions as will safeguard the owner or operator of the well in his interests therein and in his off-premises market for the gas produced therefrom.

Added by Laws 1955, p. 284, § 3.