Title 52 - Oil & Gas Code

§52-288.11. Investment of funds - Utilizing funds to influence governmental action or policy.

          A. The Board may invest, pending disbursement, funds collected through assessments only in obligations of the United States or any agency thereof, in general obligations of any state, in any interest-bearing account or certificate of deposit of a bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve System, or in obligations fully guaranteed as to principal and interest by the United States.

          B. The Board shall be prohibited from utilizing any funds collected through the assessment procedure outlined in Section 8 of this act, for the purpose of influencing governmental action or policy, with the exception of recommending amendments to this act, and for the purpose of obtaining state or federal funding for the activities of the Sustaining Oklahoma’s Energy Resources Advisory Committee.

Added by Laws 1992, c. 257, § 11, eff. Sept. 1, 1992. Amended by Laws 2008, c. 309, § 3, emerg. eff. June 2, 2008.