Title 52 - Oil & Gas Code

§52-291. Confinement of gas until used.

Any person, co-partnership, or corporation in possession, either as owner, lessee, agent or manager of any well producing natural gas, in this state in order to prevent the said gas wasting by escape, shall immediately after penetrating the gas-bearing rock, in any well hereafter drilled, shut in and confine the gas in said well until and during such time as the gas therein shall be utilized for lights, fuel or power purposes: Provided, that this section shall not apply to any well operated for oil: Provided, further, that when in the course of drilling, gas production is developed, four (4) days' free time shall be allowed in which to determine whether the well shall be shut and saved for a gas well or drilled further for the purpose of producing oil.

R.L.1910, § 4319.