Title 52 - Oil & Gas Code

§52-36.6. Ownership of gas.

All natural gas which has previously been reduced to possession, and which is subsequently injected into underground storage fields, sands, reservoirs and facilities, shall at all times be deemed the property of the injector, his heirs, successors or assigns. In no event shall such gas be subject to the right of the owner of the surface of said lands or of any mineral interest therein, under which said gas storage fields, sands, reservoirs, and facilities lie, or of any person other than the injector, his heirs, successors and assigns, to produce, take, reduce to possession, waste, or otherwise interfere with or exercise any control thereover. With regard to natural gas in a stratum, or portion thereof, which has not been condemned or otherwise purchased under the provisions of this act:

          1. The injector, his heirs, successors and assigns shall not lose title to such gas if such injector, his heirs, successors or assigns can prove by a preponderance of the evidence that such gas was originally injected into the underground storage;

          2. The injector, his heirs, successors and assigns, shall have the right to conduct such tests, at his sole risk and expense including, but not limited to, the value of any lost production of other than the injector's gas, as may be reasonable to determine ownership of such gas; and

          3. The owner of the stratum shall be entitled to such compensation as is provided by law.

Added by Laws 1951, p. 136, § 6, emerg. eff. May 26, 1951. Amended by Laws 1991, c. 140, § 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1991.