Title 52 - Oil & Gas Code

§52-5.2. Deposit of monies collected in Corporation Commission Revolving Fund.

All monies collected by the Corporation Commission under the provisions of Section 1 et seq. of this title shall be deposited with the State Treasurer to the credit of the Corporation Commission Revolving Fund and shall be used to pay the compensation of the personnel, expenses, supplies and equipment authorized by Section 5 of this title. Whenever any employee whose salary is payable from the General Revenue or other funds also performs services under the above act, his salary and expenses may be apportioned so that each fund shall bear its proportionate part thereof as determined by the Corporation Commission.

Added by Laws 1968, c. 358, § 6, emerg. eff. May 9, 1968. Amended by Laws 1984, c. 284, § 15, operative July 1, 1984.