Title 52 - Oil & Gas Code

§52-526. Irrigation pumps - Providing natural gas - Price - Installation of lines - Cessation of delivery.

Subject to prior contractual rights, every person, firm or corporation owning or operating a natural gas gathering pipeline located on lands in a proven natural gas field, shall furnish to owners or operators of natural gas engines used for pumping irrigation water on such lands and to these same owners or operators of irrigation wells, if requested to do so, natural gas for the operation of engines used for pumping irrigation water. The price charged to the owner or operator of such irrigation wells shall not be more than twenty-five percent (25%) above the prevailing wellhead price. The owners or operators of such gathering line shall make connection and furnish the gas meter, but all costs of installation, including this cost of the gas meter, shall be borne by the owner or operator of such irrigation well. Provided, however, that the owner or operator of the pipeline may cease deliveries of gas upon fifteen (15) days' written notice if the person requesting delivery fails to make payments for delivered gas within forty-five (45) days after billing is made by the owner or operator. The owner or operator shall be permitted a reasonable surcharge for the cost of meter maintenance, determination of volumes, accounting and other operational costs incurred by the owner and operator in connection with the furnishing of the gas.

Added by Laws 1977, c. 38, § 3.