Title 52 - Oil & Gas Code

§52-95. Reports - Quantity of oil produced and moved - Penalty.

The Commission shall by order require every operator in each prorated common source of supply to file periodically with it when and as often as required, and upon forms approved by it, reports which shall show (a) the quantity of oil produced, and the quantity of oil removed by each operator from his or its each lease or property in said common source of supply, and unless otherwise provided by rule or regulation of the Commission, from his or its each well in said common source of supply, and (b) the amount of oil run to storage, delivered to common carrier, or to a purchaser or transporter through the operator's own pipeline, and, in the latter case to what destination, and the name or names of the person or persons purchasing or taking such oil, and which shall contain such further information as may be required by the Commission.

If any operator shall fail or refuse to file any report or reports required by this section or by any order, rule or regulation of the Commission made in pursuance of this section, in addition to the other penalties provided for in this act for such violation, the Commission may by its order require that said operator shall discontinue to produce any oil from any leasehold, property or well with respect to which such operator has failed or refused to make and file such report, until he or it shall have filed same; provided when any such operator shall have filed with the Commission any such report or reports as required by this section, or any order, rule or regulation of the Commission, the Commission shall permit such operator to produce his or its well or wells, theretofore shut down by such order of the Commission, so as to recover and make up the oil that such operator would have been lawfully entitled to produce during the period such well or wells were shut down, if the order of the Commission requiring him or it to discontinue or reduce production of oil therefrom until such report or reports were filed had not been made.

Added by Laws 1933, c. 131, p. 283, § 12, emerg. eff. April 10, 1933.